Anna Belle Loeb | Rabbit Years Memory Geometry

Narrative goes through these paintings like weather systems. They are full of stories, half-thoughts, politics, family and history. They come fully loaded. Anna Belle Loeb is a southerner and her art flows from a southern consciousness. It is quick, laconic, comedic and tragic. It does not stand still.It is full of contradictions and the complexity of good conversation. It is dedicated to meaningful engagement...

These paintings are beautiful. Rich color and texture vibrate before our eyes. We sense the memory of Bonnard and further back, the dense intensity of Persian Art. At their best they are fully realized and distilled – they hold the energy of their creation with strength and integrity. However they are restless and at times unnerving. They have the bite of graffiti and the ferocity of an uncompromised stare. They do not suffer fools gladly. They are street tough and sharp. While they seduce and engage our senses they can at times tear at our consciousness. They can break our hearts.

This is full bodied painting: rich, complex, uncompromised and freeing.

- Tim Hawkesworth