Anna Belle Loeb | Rabbit Years Memory Geometry


I have lived in Philadelphia for the past 40 years, after growing up in Little Rock, Arkansas and living briefly in New Orleans and North Carolina. Before deciding I wanted to paint, I worked in a number of fields-- education, urban planning, public health and law, working in non-profits, government and the private sector.

My first solo show will be at Pagus Gallery from April 18 until May 22. I am doing a fundraiser to benefit the Green Tree Foundation on April 18. The public is invited to the artist’s reception on May 10th, Mother’s Day. I have previously sold a few drawings and paintings and participated in 3 group shows, one at Woodmere Art Museum and 2 small works shows at Pagus Gallery. The Philadelphia Inquirer review of the Pagus Exhibit in December 2008 gave special note to my work.

The second solo exhibit was in November, 2009 at the Knapp Gallery, 162 N. Third St, Philadelphia. Titled "She's got a lot on her mind" the opening was November 6 in the tradition of First Friday in the Philadelphia Arts District. The crowd was huge. Much of this work continues to be represented by the Knapp Gallery and can be seen there.

I am planning a smaller exhibit in March 2010 at the Ryan John Art Salon located at the Piazza in Philadelphia. 

I started art classes, first at Woodmere Art Museum, then at the Main Line and Wayne Art Centers. I also studied at Fleisher and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Great teachers encouraged and taught me a lot about drawing, painting and art--Louise Clement Hoff, Jim Wallace, Stuart Shills, and Marilyn Matlock Hinkel stood out. A few years ago I started drawing and painting workshops with Tim Hawkesworth at Norristown Art Building (NAB) and Spring Hill Farm. Tim’s study of and teaching about the creative process encouraged me to begin my own creative practice.